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The real estate along 30A is unique in many ways. The scenic beach communities just south of iconic 30A are truly breathtaking, places like Grayton Beach, Seacrest Beach and Rosemary Beach. These stunning beachfront areas share the same incredible, white sandy beaches, sparkling emerald waters and the charming laid-back lifestyle this area is known for. Home buyers won't find the usual collection of high-rise condominiums and chain stores like elsewhere in Florida, instead they'll find numerous beach cottages and smaller condo developments.

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The numerous communities along Scenic 30A embody a classic and infectious beach community aesthetic.  30A gulf front real estate certainly has a unique style all its own. Unlike the majority of Florida coastal towns, locals have put ordinances in place to limit the height of building developments. There is also a definite emphasis on encouraging local small business and artisans. These protective measures ensure that 30A's unique character will remain, for future generations to enjoy!

If you're looking for a slower-paced lifestyle than you've come to the right place. The sparkling white sands and friendly locals are waiting to welcome you!

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